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Cordwainer Smith / Paul M. A. Linebarger Books at Alibris

When you are looking for Cordwainer Smith books, one good place to go is Alibris. It's a website where I suppose thousands of booksellers from around the world  list what they have for sale. Cordwainer Smith is well represented there, both ones he wrote and ones written about him.

Some General CS Alibris Searches:

Here is a catch-all Cordwainer Smith search: this will list things both by and about him, including books or magazines he has a story in, but it won't necessarily list things he wrote using a different name.

Cordwainer Smith as author -- this  search will bring up books by him and  books, magazines, and collections that something he wrote is in.

Alibris Searches for Individual Books He Wrote

In His Own Name, Paul M. A. Linebarger:

Psychological Warfare, by Paul M. A. Linebarger -- this book is never a bargain, but it is a fascinating book. The possibility exists that the book will be reprinted.

As Cordwainer Smith:

Norstrilia,  his only novel, and the older Ballantine paperback often available very inexpensively at Alibris, with NESFA hardcovers usually there too.

The Rediscovery of Man, the excellent NESFA hardcover edition still in print BUT also a British paperback with the same title that has fewer stories, so watch out!

As Felix C. Forrest:



As Carmichael Smith:

Atomsk. This spy novel is one of my favorites of all the things he wrote --so much so that I made a Kindle book of it. See the image in the upper left hand corner of this page. The hard copies of Atomsk available at Alibris were quite expensive the last time I looked.

Works About Cordwainer Smith at Alibris

Exploring Cordwainer Smith, a 1975 booklet by Andrew Porter

The Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith, by Karen Hellekson.


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NEW! His spy thriller  Atomsk, written as Carmichael Smith, is now on the Kindle!
Click on the image to find out more at Amazon.

Atomsk Kindle version

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