The Remakable Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith

 Corby Waste, Artist

Corby James Waste has created a complex, lovingly detailed Cordwainer Smith world. With the permission of the Cordwainer Smith estate, he is making his work public. With his permission, I'm including a few of his images here. This one is called Ancient intelligence in the Douglas-Ouyang System:

Art by Corby Waste illustrating Cordwainer Smith

Corby Waste's website is

His Cordwainer Smith part begins at: and he has an amazing section of Earthport images!

At present, Corby has been doing everything as a labor of love; if you should have a desire to purchase any of his work, please contact him via his website.

Here's Corby at Worldcon 2001 in Philadelphia, wearing one of my father's ties that I had just given him. That's an All-World Travel Pass under the tie.

Artist Corby Waste

Also at that Worldcon, Bob Silverberg looked right at home in the special 3-D glasses used to view some of Corby's art:

Robert Silverberg at Worldcon 2001


 Here is another of Corby's images... see them all at his site. 

The Gem Planet, Art by Corby Waste illustrating Cordwainer Smith

Corby's illustration of Humphrey's Lawsuit, from Norstrilia:

Art by Corby Waste illustrating Cordwainer Smith

Here's what Australian Jason Dick wrote to Corby about his Cordwainer Smith art (used with permission):

"I've had a fair old dig around at the 160th Century and Fourth Millennium sites and I find myself a deep shade of envy green. (Which clashes a bit with my red ties).

"The Earthport Tower pieces grabbed me for two reasons. Firstly, a recently developed and inexplicable fear of heights set my heart racing as I followed Alpha Ralpha Boulevard all the way up to the Abba-Dingo. And that was the flat images - the 3-d must be amazing. The other reason (and I swear to God that I had never read the name of that Boulevard before seeing your piece) was that I once tried to convince a girlfriend that I was going to give up public service and take up horticultural pursuits as 'Ralph Alpha - Alfalfa Farmer'. Talk about life imitating art. (Incidentally, I'm still a pen-pusher and the girl done ran away).

"Your Norstrilia pieces, as well, are astonishing. The profoundness of the imagery escaped me until trying to explain 300-ton legless sheep on platforms in the desert to my mother (who no doubt thought I was hitting the home-brew a bit hard). 'Lost for words' is, I think, the appropriate phrase. I got goose-bumps and chills looking at the abandoned sheep station with rib-cages and scattered horns slowly disappearing into the dust. I don't know if you're familiar with the perennial debates over immigration policy in Australia, but your Aojou Nambien shot from orbit (along with the suggestion of 30 billion Chinesians inhabitants) would be a guaranteed conversation-starter here in Brisbane."


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